Are screen printing inks safe?

Union screen printing ink

Union screen printing ink

Maybe you never wondered what makes up the ink that is used for screen printing and if they are safe or dangerous for you or your family. Or maybe you have wondered, but you just never took the extra time to look up the materials that make up screen printing ink.

Screen printing ink, also called plastisol ink, is made up of flexible PVC polymers suspended in a plasticizer, the widely used being phthalates, along with pigment. While many inks in the past used phthalates, a common chemical that may potentially cause mild short and long-term health effects, new plastisol inks contain phthalate-free plasticizers which claim to be safer for humans.

Lehigh Valley Printing has already switched to phthalate-free inks in 2013 to ensure the health and well-being of our customers and ourselves, but if you have any questions you may contact us using our contact form.

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